Playful Suits

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(William Evans’ sunglasses, Nunui playsuit, Lovisa jewellery)

Playsuits…jumpsuits…one-pieces…onesies…whatever pet name you choose to give them, I seem to have developed a strong infatuation with the childish 1960s design lately. Maybe it’s the convenience of already having a matching outfit prepped and paired together from top to bottom; or rather the bonus of having that extra sense of security that a dress fails to offer on a blustery day by the coast. I’ll be 100% honest here; I don’t think my fixation with these garments spurs from either of those reasons. In fact, the real reason I picked out this playsuit by Nunui was purely on the basis that the colourful print was irresistibly whimsical just like the playful design itself. (Plus, I’m a sucker for anything floral).


Photography by the one and only Mama Scott

Summer Set

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M(Bardot dress, Steve Madden sandals, Collette necklace)

It’s official, summer has set in, and along with the better weather comes an even brighter wardrobe. There’s nothing I love more than kicking off my sandals and strolling along the sand in the evening at the seaside in Mount Martha. This casual, sunset-red dress with frilly trimmings seemed perfectly fitting for such an occasion. Despite the actual sunset itself lacking in appearance (again muchos thanks to the overcast weather forecast), the comfortable design of this purely cotton dress was more than convenient to allow me to enjoy the summer breeze, sea, sand and collective, cool colours of the sky.  P1010428P1010415P1010407 copyP1010406 copy-1P1010424 copyP1010392-1
Photography by Yasmin Brown

Racing Rebellion

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(Keepsake playsuit, Celine Victoria headpiece, Kate Hill clutch, Sportsgirl sunglasses)

The Melbourne Spring Cup Carnival officially sprung into action at the start of the month and along with the competitive sport comes the ultimate ‘F’ word – Fashion. This season I managed to squeeze in a day out at Derby Day into my busy studying schedule (any excuse for a new outfit and study break). Traditionally at Derby Day, the prominent colour scheme of black and white sets the pace for classic racing elegance. While I may have abided by the colour scheme customs of the day (that is if you exclude the shade of red my skin had turned by early afternoon) my playsuit most likely falls under the contemporary category that supermodel Jean Shrimpton started back in the 60s – the oh-so-rebellious above knee hemline… My short-shorts might just offend traditional racegoer fashion trends; however I like to think my ‘1950s housewife’ hair and make-up, courtesy of the talented make-up artist Rani Gaut counteracted any ‘insults’ the one piece could have lashed out on the trackside.

(Right: Anna a.k.a Mother Schuck looking stunning in a colourful Cooper St dress)

(Spotted! Fashion icons Andrew Giddings and William Evans enjoying themselves at Derby Day 2012)

(Hair and make-up by the exceptional MUA Rani Gaut

Photography by Anna Schuck

Floral Morals

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(Zara Blazer, PRIMA plait choker, Witchery dress, Steve Madden platform heels, Sportsgirl wallet, Juicy Couture watch)

I feel that there is a certain code of ethics that needs to be followed when it comes to wearing floral prints. It’s so easy to become infatuated with the elaborate combinations layered on runway models. We all see mixtures of motifs featuring on billboards or in Vogue, but sometimes we need to step back and remember that less is actually more. Fashion shows are called shows for a reason; the designers lavish displays of apparel are devised to entertain, inspire and challenge the boundaries of creativity. So when it comes to wearing a statement piece such as this dark floral blazer from Zara, duly note that it was the notorious Mademoiselle Coco Chanel that once said, “simplicity is the key note of true elegance,” so in other words, I didn’t have to pair my blazer with a pair of pansy patterned pants!
Photography by Anna Schuck

Orange Zest

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(Mink Pink shorts, Landes Essentials top, Sussan jewellery, Sportsgirl clutch, Rayban sunglasses)

Well colour me happy! Orange hues are all the rage this season and last Thursday the weather in Melbourne was almost as hot as these fiery-orange high waisted shorts from Mink Pink. The vivacious colour is not one to go unnoticed (as any red-head that survived high school would know); so naturally, I thought I would enhance the flare of these citric shorts with an electric-blue blouse and an aqua beaded necklace. The Honolulu inspired print seemed perfectly fitting for a sun-soaked stroll through Alexandra Gardens amongst the swaying palm trees. Whilst I was able to escape the hustle ‘n’ bustle of the city to what is currently my idea of a tropical getaway, I have a feeling that these orange shorts won’t be the only exotic addition to my wardrobe this summer…

Photography by Rebecca Colquhoun

Cool Change

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(Monsoon coat, Novo boots, Tony Bianco handbag, Sportsgirl hobo gloves)

If there is anything I’ve learnt from living in Melbourne for the past five years, it is to never leave the house without a coat or jacket (or an umbrella for that matter). I think it’s the only city where I’ve been able to experience all four seasons in a day. Springtime is clearly among us now, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining…but oh wait, look, there’s a big black cloud in the distance waiting to rain on your parade…or your brand new suede shoes… So before you leave the house in your favourite pleated skirt, just be cautious of pulling a Marilyn Monroe moment as the wind starts to pick up. The inconsistency of Melbourne weather might be perceived as a little setback when it comes to wearing out the seasonal trends, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing out your warmest autumnal coat to shield you from what Mother Nature has to offer. I probably would’ve caught a cold on that particularly precarious ‘sunny’ Saturday morning in Melbourne if it hadn’t been for my trustworthy tartan coat. My advice is to embrace the changeability of the weather here, it’s like having flashbacks between seasons and styles, that, and to never trust the weather man…

Marilyn Monroe starring in ‘The Seven Year Itch’ 1954

Photography by Rebecca Colquhoun

Fashion Week!

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(Topshop belt, Allabouteve top, Zara blazer, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Myer hat)

The week before last Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) officially sprung into action at City Square where the David Jones runway showcased a range of the most delectable upcoming trends for spring racing this year. Featuring some of my personal favourite labels including Lover, Camilla and Marc and Zimmerman, the runway burst into action with eye-catching vibrant and pastel hues. Amongst a parade of colour blocking and floral prints, sleek and chic pantsuits and The Great Gatsby inspired cloche hats also appeared to be standout-styles for this season’s races. Whilst the entire show may have been a little bit of a tease, (OK that is a total understatement as I currently want to purchase all of the garments…and the accessories…oh and the shoes) the spectacular display of designs gave me just the insight I needed for when I start to browse for my very own spring races outfit…stay tuned!

The hosts: Jesinta Campbell & Emma Freedman 

(Camilla & Marc jacket with peppermint dress and Nerida Winter nude headpiece)(Tony Biano heels, Witchery floor-length skirt, Bardot blazer, FCUK top, Kate Hill clutch bag)                                                                                                                                  Fortunately my fashion week experiences weren’t just limited to the free events and workshops open to the public at the fashion hub in City Square. I had also purchased tickets to MSFW designer series runway 2 featuring designs from Alice Euphemia, Arthur Galan AG, Carly Hunter, LIFEwithBIRD, Jayson Brunsdon, Manning Cartell, Thurley and YB J’aime by Yeojin Bae. The whole of Melbourne Town Hall was illuminated with glamour as fellow fashion lovers were guided to their seats, the audience itself buzzing with flamboyant expressions of personal style. I couldn’t help but feel awe-stricken as the models strutted down the catwalk in time to the booming bass-line draped in the likes of chiffon shirts, leather shorts, laced frocks and prominent prints. Each ensemble accentuated the statuesque figures of the models, with curve enhancing fittings while bright neon colours and metallic shades also proved to be popular in almost all of the collections. I could certainly say that the night was a thrilling fashion-focused escape from reality that left me wanting more…(Fashion Designer Runway 2  ft. Alexia Petsinis)                                                    …and luckily for me I actually won tickets to the designer series runway 4 with the mX style snaps competition! As exciting as this was, unfortunately due to prior commitments I couldn’t actually attend that particular runway (road trip…woo!) although my sister was more than happy to take my place. Although it turned out that the board of directors on the MSFW team liked the photo I sent in so much (flash back to my outfit featuring in Wild Side) that I was also chosen as one of the finalists to be featured in mX newspaper. So if you happened to pick up a copy at the train station last Friday, you may just have flicked past me? But of course my thanks go out to my dear friend Bec for being such an exceptional photographer. Ex to the oh, love to the you! 

Photography by Rebecca Colquhoun


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