Floral Morals

08/10/2012 § 3 Comments

(Zara Blazer, PRIMA plait choker, Witchery dress, Steve Madden platform heels, Sportsgirl wallet, Juicy Couture watch)

I feel that there is a certain code of ethics that needs to be followed when it comes to wearing floral prints. It’s so easy to become infatuated with the elaborate combinations layered on runway models. We all see mixtures of motifs featuring on billboards or in Vogue, but sometimes we need to step back and remember that less is actually more. Fashion shows are called shows for a reason; the designers lavish displays of apparel are devised to entertain, inspire and challenge the boundaries of creativity. So when it comes to wearing a statement piece such as this dark floral blazer from Zara, duly note that it was the notorious Mademoiselle Coco Chanel that once said, “simplicity is the key note of true elegance,” so in other words, I didn’t have to pair my blazer with a pair of pansy patterned pants!
Photography by Anna Schuck

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§ 3 Responses to Floral Morals

  • F. Meingast says:

    Hi, Mog! How are you? Hope you’re fine ;)

    I’m a great admirer of floral patterns (they’re so feminine) and really appreciated what you wrote about some differences between runway and “real” life fashion practice. Yes, knowledge and intuition are essential…

    Oh, once again, loved your photos and your outfit!

    Cheers, F.

    • mogscottstyle says:

      Hi Flavio!

      I’m good thank you! How are you? I’m taking just one week off with the blogging this week, but I’ll be back on track for next week for sure!

      Thank you, I appreciate that! My concern is people mix and match patterns too much these days!

      Once again I appreciate your recognition!

      Take care,

      Mog xo

      • F. Meingast says:

        You’re welcome Mog! I’m fine, thank you!

        Yes, I do really appreciate your personal taste and style ;) And I wish you a wonderful week!

        All the best,

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